Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who is actually bothered about who is sleeping with whom?

The truth behind Yuvraj Singh n Anjali Pandey story

A gossip can destroy the peace of mind of a girl priding herself for possessing high moral values, the same for many in the industry is useful publicity. Same happens to be the case with Anjali Pandey, a shy supermodel who recently signed up with Tips. After having done top ads-music videos (not to forget the south films), when she is about to sign her first Hindi feature, she can definitely do without such publicity. Not to mention the clarifications she has been giving to all-n-many that ‘she didn’t sleep with Yuvraj Singh.’

I remember Anjali gushing about her shoot with Yuvraj almost a year back. The commercial where all this has reportedly happen was for Hero Honda Glamour. I clearly remember what she said –‘he is a great guy and I wish he was single’-that’s about that!
Like two professionals they must have shot during the day, exchanged some pleasantries and gone back to wherever they had to. Suddenly someone decides to write a story about her and Yuvraj, when people have probably even forgotten the ad.

Who is actually bothered about who is sleeping with whom?

The focus here is not Anjali, but Yuvraj Singh because after his six sixes in T20 world cup–he needs to be compulsorily written about.

At a recent ad film shoot last week in Mumbai featuring Yuvraj, Deepika Padukone was reportedly waiting for him in the vanity van for 4 hours. Certainly not to discuss cricketing news or Om Shanti Om.
But then Deepika and Yuvraj is old news now, isn’t it?

When he can have a whole nation chanting his name-what’s the big deal about couple of girls falling in love with him. ‘Kim Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Anjali Pandey- it’s too bad he has been linked to only three girls in a year. He deserves more yaar’, a model I know remarked,’ you don’t have too many stars in this country and he is actually a star.’ That’s of course sarcasm to the core but if a gossip fetches umpteen hits to websites then nobody really loses except for the victim.
So much so for break-ups and link-ups!

It’s just media circus where something scandalous needs to be written about someone. I don’t think Deepika really is bothered about this silly bit of news. I admire that girl-an impressive list of link-ups and crushes, right from Nihaar to Ranbir Kapoor, and Yuvraj Singh to Mahendar Singh Dhoni ; daughter of a world class player and a highly impressive debut as actress opposite King Shahrukh Khan himself in Om Shanti Om. She never is going to be short of media space in life. (Last night a former Miss India friend of mine was swearing upon God that she is better than Aishwarya Rai).

Yuvraj would be around as long as he can bat.

Kim Sharma….i don’t know…

Meanwhile Anjali you have no other option but to nurse the wound till it’s your day.
photograph-Anjali Pandey

Monday, October 22, 2007

Who's That Girl?

She is just about 18. And finished her first film with a top director. Sweet n sexy n ready to rule!
Who's that girl?

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  • Who's that girl?
  • Why Harman Baweja is meant to be a star!
  • Genelia D'souza on a never before high!
  • Why Neha Mehta should have never done TV ?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

LFW-the great indian laughter challenge

If you had enough of laughter challenge on TV then you must witness one of the Lakme Fashion Week shows held at NCPA, Mumbai...and see some of the models n the choreography in particular.
You might laugh a bit at the cost of designers suffering.
You would see a set of average models walking down the ramp on blaring music n even worse choreography (if there is any)…you would understand what I mean when before you enter the show arena you feel one of the privileged ones as simply everyone wants to be there, n then after a while you don't feel like that anymore. Honestly,you don't even laugh but somehow feel disgusted cos you spent 2 hrs negotiating through Mumbai road traffic to watch a 25 min show( not to forget the travel time back)...and you expect international standards for everything.

The whole idea of a fashion show is to have a good set of models complementing the clothes…otherwise a designer might as well put up an exhibition using hangers to display the clothes on. Whatever the so-called-range of models, barring 30% of them, in any of the shows I happened to see at LFW, the rest should have never have been there and the choreographers should never been hired cos they seem to have forgotten all about timing n beats. There are no pauses or even real poses or a certain body-language essential to make a good show. Even college students into choreography have better sense of timing. Whatever happened to the good old choreography when there were people like Shanti Chopra, Sharmila Rai Choudhry, Suresh Thomas, Hemant—who understood the value of timing n graceful walk…
Its called 'catwalk' because it all comes from the way a Cat walks-you get hypnotised by that feline grace! Unfortunately,the high level of commercialisation of fashion week leading to strong negotiations has led to many a top models opting out of it.
Had we not been ‘respectable invitees’ probably me, and couple of other very senior journalist friends would have somehow tripped couple of them!
Its gross injustice to designers who spend months in creating those designs n ultimately mediocre choreography n models should fail to give correct projection.
And lets not at all talk about the show-stoppers…one of shows I witnessed (talented designer Agnitmitra Paul from Calcutta)…had Minisha Lamba who came n went without anyone noticing her-they all looked above her head, she was so short-talk about stopping a show! She is undoubtedly one of the cutest people but ramp is definitely not the place for her and it took me half an hour to convince my journalist friend from Delhi that she is a well known film actress and when you are sitting in front of camera as a known face,your height doesn’t matter! It’s the news which ultimately matters boss!
Anyway…(yawn)… am really looking forward to see Madhur Bhandarkar’s film ‘Fashion’…

In photograph-Mugdha Godse-as usual one of the best models on ramp

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shashi Ranjan 'Dobara' in news with Dhoom Dhadaka

Shashi Ranjan finishes shooting the holi song for his film Dhoom-Dhadaka at Madh Island. And with that the film is almost complete.
Produced and directed by him the film is a fun filled comedy featuring Shad Randhawa,Sammir Dattani,Shama Sikander n Aarti Chabria-incidentally Aarti has just been voted through some online survey as 'the hottest bod' in India.
For those who don't know,Aarti suffered from severe eye-infection during the entire film shoot at Bangkok and had to cover one eye through out n shoot.Must say quite a brave girl-even in that condition to hang upside down for a shot for the film!
Bangkok,anyways can give eye-infection to many, for reasons best known to those who have visited the place.
The film also features comedy's best around-Anupam Kher,Satish Shah, Satish Kaushik,Gulshan Grover, Jackie Shroff n whoever else you can think of...
With this film Shashi Ranjan is 'dobara' in news besides being in news for his love-hate relationship with soap queen (rather soap n glycerine queen) Ekta kapoor.
Best of luck to him